Living in the Country

Notes about living in rural USA now and before!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

It's like springtime this morning. It's now 72° here with a balmy breeze. We just spent a few minutes talking to "PeeWee" in the yard. He's funny! "Not much for visitin"... but if he spots you in the yard, he's good for an hour of talking at least!
Got some more boxes opened and organized. I have so many things I guess I'll have to sell or throw away as there is just no place to put them. Hate that!!
We are going out to Paradise Island for New Year's celebration at the "mansion" of Mr. Maurice Turner, a customer of Moe's. He owns one of the refineries in Port Arthur.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

We thought the septic was full, but because they connected the two bathrooms with a 'T' instead of a 'Y', there was a giant plug there ... yuck. I would guess that the little old lady who lived here, only used the smaller bathroom so the other never got a chance to work.
If one more person enthuses to me that "oh, you are in Miss Agnes' beautiful big house"... I think I'll punch them.

Moe gave me a church bell for Christmas. An actual bell from an actual church steeple!! So I can call the children in from the fields! How SUPER-DUPER!
Christmas Eve, with everyone here for dinner, the toilet in the (full) bathroom keeled over and went thru the rotten floor! OMG!! Sewer was totally plugged so the guys had to dig up the line and run snakes and hammer etc. What a royal MESS!!
Thank God both Moe & Neal were here to help (I made them just LEAVE IT) until Christmas was over. I now have a bathtub with a commode sitting in it; a hole where the floor should be, and a BIG STINKY.
UGH< UGH... I just LOVE this house! UGH!
I am hysterical!! Every box I open I discover some more damages. I hate this.
I think every piece of my furniture now has some big whack or scrape or dent! The sofa Amber got me was waaaaaaaaaay too big so now I need to find some sort of love seat for the living room.
I still do not have long distance service on my phone. We had to join a "farm co-op" called Eastex Phone Cooperative.. to get phone service at all and now they are "searching for a long-distance provider" This is hillbilly heaven!
I finally found a lady to cut my hair today. What a gem! I told her just what I wanted and she did it perfectly. Loretta Mott .... isn't that a PERFECT name for a hairdresser! Straight out of "Fried Green Tomatoes".