Living in the Country

Notes about living in rural USA now and before!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

To live in the "country" in the USA is an experience for only the brave!! It requires that you are self-sufficient, that you are hardy and sometimes foolhardy.
There is a special flavor to country people and that is true whether you are deep south Texas or high in the New York Adirondacks.. down East in Maine or far west in Washington. Once you are determined to be "country", you then communicate on an equal basis.
The accents change from region to region and the descriptive words change, but the brother/sisterhood is the same.
Country people are, by and large, private about their private lives and snoopy about yours!! They love to gossip, but they will never betray a friend's confidence.
The food -- more on that later -- it is extraordinary wherever you go. One thing I've noticed is that in spite of that old adage of "Southern Hospitality", the New Englanders are more likely to actually set a place for you at their table and you will never come to call without being offered at least a cup of tea.
OK.. this is my first BLOG thing ever and now I'll have to think about what I want to record here.
The Lord watch over you...
"Hand in hand with angels; some are out of sight, leading us unknowing, into paths of Light."


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